Today the band met at Junction Music in Huntingdon Valley to knock out a quick 6 songs in a live setting.  Diane and Joe were awesome.  We knocked everything out in like 4 hours.Most songs we did a run through and then recorded the final take.  I overdubbed the slide guitar part in I Cannot Believe It's True, just to make things easier.

The band was tight.  Chris was totally rocking his bass and set the tone.  My headphones attacked me once.  But other than that it was fairly smooth sailing all afternoon.  I probably drank more coffee than I should have, which is somewhat evident in my solo in In The Air Tonight.  I cant wait to hear the final product.

It was a great afternoon.  Mission accomplished.  Now we can look forward to lining up some gigs!

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  • May 3
    Havana's,  New Hope

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